If you are sick of fishing in the villages near you, streams, and boring lakes of the town, you need to take a bold stance for fishing now. You can find numerous fishing spots around the globe that inspire travelers with its tourist attractions as well as a vast area for fishing. Fishing as a sport always relaxes and provides you peace of mind. You can better enjoy your feelings of success and failure whenever you drop your angler fish. Let us have a look upon top 7 fishing destinations around the world:

  1. Sicily

Sicily, a spectacular and historical island of Italy, is the heaven of fishing lovers. You need not quit the urban life luxuries while staying in Sicily. Unlike other famous fishing spots, you can continue your hobby enjoying the hustle and bustle of city life on the island.

You can continue fishing at the Tyrrhenian Sea to the north and the Strait of Sicily to the south. This vast area is home to numerous species of fish. Beginners and experienced anglers can venture their luck for fishing 7 World destinations for fishing. Sicily is the largest and historical Mediterranean island and a visit to the place will rock your mood in moments.

  1. San Diego

Are you interested in Tuna, Dorado, Marlin, or yellowtail fish? You should never miss the trip to San Diego in California. There are numerous and long-range fishing spots. You can catch San Diego record-breaking fish and enjoy a legendary afternoon at the wonderful place. Just quit searching for fishing near me and think of San Diego as the next destination for fishing.

  1. Malindi

If you are interested in doing adventures with billfish and royal slam, Malindi in Kenya is the perfect place to move. Expert anglers can find stunning species like blue marlin, Short bill spearfish, striped marlin, black marlin, sailfish, and swordfish. The best time to catch record billfishes is January and February. However, anglers find the targets all year in the waters of Malindi. Hotels and resorts at Malindi offer awesome and attractive accommodations with offshore charters.

  1. Ambergris Caye

Ambergris Caye in Belize is believed to be a paradise for a fly fisherman. You will find picture-perfect fishing lodges and huts along the coast of Belize. Tarpon, Bonefish, and Permit are the famous catching species of the island as well as the reef.

You can dine in sailfish, Mahi Mahi, blue and white marlin after adventurous catches at the coast. You can bite these species from May to November in the waters. Just pack your luggage and go on this summer for fishing World destinations.

  1. Key West

Key West located in Florida is a wonderland for the tourists. You will find this land amid the top-class fishing spots. Key West is home to the Dry Tortugas as well as you will find reefs, blue water, and various species of fishes. Key West unlike other fishing spots consists of hotels, restaurants, bars, and clubs. Travel to the Key West round the year and enjoy the mesmerizing nature at the place.

  1. Lizard Island

Queensland in Australia is nestled with attractions and mesmerizing spots at Lizard Island. Expert anglers keep the place among the top picks. Lizard Island is a home to warm breeze, palm trees, resorts, and luxury suites from where you can view greenery of the island and beaches.

The island is notorious for the monster black marlin. Besides, you will find sailfish, Coral trout, Wahoo, Tune, and Giant trevally. You can enjoy helicopter rise, the helicopter can drop you over your favorite garden or place to enjoy the breakfast or dinner with your loved one.

Lizard Island has a lot of magnificence in the heart of the ocean. Tourists can enjoy hiking trails and tennis courts as well as numerous entertaining activities at the prestigious island.

  1. Lake Louise

Lake Louise situated at Banff National Park, Canada is among the major attractions for couples, families, and adventure lovers. The lake is nestled with Trout fish, whitefish, Rainbows, and browns. You will find Trout in the lake even when it is frozen as well. Just stay at Louise hotel near the lake and enjoy the natural scenery of the glaciers and picturesque attractions.

You will find the lake active during the summer season when tourists are busy hiking, cycling, and skiing. However, in the winter season, its glamour and gorgeousness are lower down. The Banff Park Museum and the Banff Gondola are worth seeing places in the area.

Visiting these fishing spots before this we need to know-how start to fishing?  Then what are fishing techniques that need to know? will not cost you millions but these pieces of land are home to joys, peace of mind, entertainments, luxury villas, and countless catches. Before fishing, you will have to leave the comfort of home and pack your luggage. Search the place where your favorite fish species are enjoying in deep waters and set off for the place to spend your weekend at 7 World destinations for fishing.