Who we are

We are Bubba! A revolutionary online platform that will change the way you engage with hunting, fishing, and other adventurous activities, forever. Gone are the days of struggling to find cheap and convenient options to plan your next hunting and fishing adventure. Through our online platform, you will be able to easily search through a variety of areas and business that can help best serve your hunting and fishing needs and create memories that will last a life time. There’s a reason why we’re called The Sportsman’s Companion, so let us show you why!

Our Mission

Our mission is to change the way hunting, fishing, and other recreational services have been previously enjoyed. Instead of having to undergo the time-consumingtask of asking friends, contacting businesses, and searching for businesses on your own for your favorite activity, we have created an online platform that will do all that for you! Not only do we look to make the lives of our recreational enthusiasts more convenient, but also provide more exposure and sales to smaller businesses within the industry. We aim to be The Sportsman’s Companion in every facet of their recreational endeavors and provide meaningful experiences to them and their fellow Bubbas!





Our Team

Jared Gaspard

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

Shahrukh Khan

Co-founder & Chief Financial Officer

Dipesh Bhandari

Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer

Nischal Aryal

Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer

Austin Theriot

Co-founder & Chief Marketing Officer

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