When we talk about hunting, the first thing that comes in our minds is a hunter that hunts some kind of animal or a bird. Hunting has been there since three million years ago. So we are all quite familiar with the term hunting. But what exactly is Snipe Hunting? All You Need to Know about Snipe Hunting All of us have heard a lot of things regarding snipe hunting at some point in our lives.

There are a lot of myths about snipe hunting. People say it’s not real or its some kind of a joke. So does Snipe Hunting exist? OR is it a practical joke?

In this article, you will find everything you need to know about snipe hunting.

History of Snipe Hunting

Many people believe that snipe hunting does not exist in reality. Most of the people know snipe hunting with the name of a “Practical Joke” or “Fool’s errands”. Snipe Hunting came into existence in North America around the 1840s, as a practical joke. The idea of the joke is to trick a person to try to catch an animal called Snipe. Snipe are birds that exist in reality but in snipe hunting, the hunt is for an imaginary bird or animal. “Going on a Snipe Hunt” is also a phrase that people use which means an impossible task. Snipe hunting is more common as a joke but some hunters are trying to hunt real snipes.

Things about Snipe

A snipe is an actual bird. It belongs to the kingdom “Animalia” and the family “Scolopacidae”.

  • Characteristics:

They are particularly recognized by a long and slender bill, long wings and short tails. Snipes are uncertain birds, you might find them in an area one day and the other day they would be gone. Unlike other birds that fly in a particular direction, snipes have an erratic flying pattern, making it difficult to hunt them.

  • Diet:

They mainly feed on the larva. Other than that they also eat worms, snails, crustacea.

  • Habitat:

You can mostly find them in wet marshy areas such as wet meadows, swamps, ponds. They also prefer warm habitats.

  • Representative Species:

There are many representative species of snipe such as “Wilson Snipe” and “Great Snipe”.

Snipe Hunting

So, snipe hunting is really a real thing besides just being a joke or a prank. But, snipes being small birds and having greater speed present a great challenge to hunters. It is mostly very difficult to find a snipe let alone hunt them.

Things about Snipe Hunting

If you want to go on snipe hunting these things listed below will help you to hunt a snipe peacefully.

  • Hunting license: each state has some particular rules and regulations. Before going out for snipe hunting you might need to get a hunting license.
  • Wet areas: you should start looking for a snipe near a river or a swamp, as snipe mostly like to live in wet, damp, marshy areas.
  • Rubber boots: snipe hunting usually involves putting yourself in water and mud up to the knees. So, get ready for intense muscular exercise.
  • Travel light: keep your shotgun light. These birds are very easily dispatched. So, it is better to travel light.
  • Bullets: you might want to take more than 8 bullets with you because they are so small that it is important to send as many bullets as you can to hunt it down.
  • Shoot fast: The problem here is that snipes are ghosts on the ground with their amazing camouflage. So shoot them as soon as you find them and shoot fast because if the snipe flies you will have difficulty in shooting the bird because of its erratic flight pattern.
  • Flashlight: In case you are hunting at night you might also need a flashlight with your other things.
  • Dogs: Bringing your dogs for snipe hunting is optional.if you are able to mark their fall then you can recover all the birds you shoot even with or without your dog.
  • Focus: You will also need a lot of focus to hunt a snipe. Lock your eyes on the snipe. Trust your eye-hand coordination and shoot.
  • Look at the beak: Although it is difficult to tell in which direction the snipe is heading but try to focus on its beak. its long and slender beak will give you a hint about its direction.

Shooting lessons

Snipe hunting might also give you some shooting lessons because snipes are way more difficult to hunt than any other bird. Snipes doesn’t fly straight but rather likes to fly in a zig-zag manner.

Snipe Hunting is a REAL THING. But, if you are asked by your friends or seniors to go out for snipe hunting just make sure that you are not getting yourself in some kind of a joke or a prank. Besides that snipe hunting is real fun.