Have you ever thought of going to Minecraft fishing? Well if you haven’t tried this then good news for you! As summertime is here and of course who doesn’t want to spend some time near the waters? If you are a person who loves fishing, then we are to make the fishing experience more fun and interesting for you. Intriguing FACTS TO KNOW ABOUT FISHING

In this article, we are going to explain some really amazing facts about fishing that we bet you haven’t heard before! So before you grab your fish rods and run to any Mine craft fishing point near your area take some time to read out some interesting facts about fishing which we have covered only for your fish-loving head!

Bizarre Fishing Facts That Every Fish Lover Needs To Know!

●        Fishing In Old Times!

Today we know many methods of fishing but have you ever thought about how the fishing was done in the past? Well, scientists often believe that in they days people caught fish with hands and nets but of course, you cannot catch many fishes in that way.

●       Oldest Fishing Methods!

Angling or fly fishing is one of the oldest methods of fishing that was invented in 200 CE. It includes a hook that is attached to a fishing line which is then connected with a rod. After fly fishing became common in the 15th century the first fishing line was made with horsehair, cotton, r silk. Later Plastic fishing lines made an appearance in the 1930s.


●       Gorge The Fishing Hook!

The first fishing hook was called a gorge which was made from a stone, animal bone or wood. This hook was straight and pointed at both ends. It is said that the first hook ever discovered was about 23000 years old. It was made from snail shells.


●       Wooden Rods Were A Thing!

Early fishing rods were made from wood. They were simply wooden poles to which a line was attached at the end. Later in the 14th century in order to keep the line in its place, these rods had special hoops or rings. These were used by ancient Egyptians and china.


●       Fishing Reels Are China’s Blessings!

The first fishing reels were invented in China in the 4th century. These reels prevent the lines from getting tangled hence making fishing easier.


●       Fishing Types!

Other methods of fishing include bait fishing which is also a common method of fishing these days in which you place a bait a worm for example on the hook and then cast your line in the water until a fish sees it and gets ready to be your food Interesting facts about fishing.


You can also try trolling or netting for fishing. Trolling is the most common method for commercial fishing whereas netting is the most destructive method of fishing.


●       Plenty Of Fishes In The Waters!

There are present about 27,000 species of fishes in the world of the sea out of which only 6000 species are discovered in Australia alone. Still, 15000 species of fishes are yet to be discovered.


No one can guess what waits for us in the scary vast ocean. Some intelligent brains often say that if you count every fish in the sea their number will be three-and-a-half trillion!


●       Rise Of The Comercial Fishing!

Commercial fishing is successfully going on around the world feeding us all. A large commercial fishing fleet is established in Australia.


●       Have You Heard About Sport Fishing?

Sportfishing is yet another fun thing to invest your time in. one point to be noted about sport fishing is that the caught fish is thrown back to the sea.


●       Fishing – A Way To Earn Bread For Many!

Fishing is a full-time profession. It is no easy sport! It may sound like it doesn’t take much effort but it’s not true. You need some practice before you go to any lake for fishing interesting facts about fishing.

It is absolutely not like the one you did in Minecraft fishing so don’t forget to take some precautions. If carried out with carelessness it can be very dangerous. Every year around 24,000 people engaged in fishing, fish farming, and processing lost their lives.


●       The Fishing Base!

Since the 1980s, Asia has been the base for fishing. China is the world’s leading fishing industry and India is the second big fish producer in the world.


●       Fishermen All Over Globe!

According to the reports of FAO (food and agriculture organization), there are 38 million fishermen present in the world. About 500 million people are directly or indirectly linked with fishing.  Many people’s lives depend on fishing. About 200 million people depend on fishing for survival interesting facts about the fishing.


●       Revenue On Fishing Market!

In 2011, it was recorded that anglers have spent $15.5 billion dollars on fishing. Every year an average amount of $300 million is spent on ice to preserve fish. Anglers spent about $1,261 on fishing every year. Fishing cost a total amount of $42.2 billion per year. Anglers spent about $1 billion on fish bait alone every year. The world’s fishing industry invests $124 billion every year in order to produce $70 billion worth of fish.


Now that you have known some of the hidden facts about fishing, it is time to find some good Mine craft fishing spots to catch a fish on your own! Go grab your fishing rods, enjoy with your friends or family – but, they don’t forget to be safe and take the necessary precautions!