California is the best country to explore nature.  It is an attraction for travelers because of its various traditions, cultures, customs, and geological contributions. These things make this country beautiful and different from other countries. It is an incredible sight. Sunrises and sunsets on the beaches of California invite visitors from the globe. The state has carried a beautiful shoreline, beaches, snow-covered mountains, antiquated redwood forests, sweeping deserts, and ideal farmlands. All of its cities are attractive and beautiful, which gives a reason to spend money and time in the right place. Each state has its own feel and identity.  The top ten beautiful places to visit in California we are discussing here:


The structural formation of this city is to look like a Disneyland resort.  The visitors enjoy this Disney-theme very much. It is a perfect playground for kids, and it has many restaurants for dinner.

San Francisco

The wide-ranging city has a magical beauty. The walkable roads, exciting chain car rides, attractive cove sees, and the remarkable areas: like Chinatown, a full busy and active spot of shops, and the original Chinese diner increase the beauty of this city. San Francisco is the most touristy region.

Today, San Francisco is California’s most advanced city. It is a spot in which you enjoy the world’s best drama and artful dance, several theater sows, and gourmet banquets. It has an attractive and impressive restaurant, café, and coffee shop and browses a unique shop. These all beautiful things make a visitor or tourist happy.

Sonoma County  

Sonoma County is the best place for enjoyment. It is a perfect spot for mountain cycling, fishing, hiking, woodland, flowering meadows, and rolling hillsides. In the spring season, this place looks so amazed because of its blemishing wildflower. The Napa Valley shows cultural attraction. In this valley number of lavishness resorts, restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques, and hotels. It is so busy a place that you cannot easily reserve a table for dinner.

Los Angeles

The place is full of beautiful designer boutiques, attractive beaches, several local stores, and stylish restaurants. The city is still known as the Hollywood glamour. You can easily see the Hollywood stars, directors, actors, and celebrities in the vine street and on roads. You cannot see the beautiful and pretty beaches like Venice Beach, Santa Monica state beach located in Los Angeles. It is also famous due to its street fun. All the time the street is fully active and busy with the cyclist, street shows, and joggers

Santa Barbara

It is a dreamy seaside place that everyone likes. It is a place for entertainment and relaxation.  The atmosphere of it is clean, so you can take a pure breath of air and see the water in front of the eyes. It also contains luxurious spa treatment and relishing gourmet dinner on open-air porches. It is the best place for seashore lovers with shorelines and sunset.

San Diego

It is known for its outdoor adventures. The beautiful sandy beaches give attractive views of the shoreline, and in day time the sunlight on the shore attracts the visitors. The most beautiful place in San Diego is Balboa Park. The park attracts tourist attractions because the structure of it organizes in this way that looks impressively. It is full of greenery, unique gardens, museums, and looks natural. San Diego also contains a zoo, restaurants, art galleries, resort, boutiques, historical buildings, shops, and children’s museums.

Palm spring

To spend the winter vacations, it is a famous destination. It is the best place for tourists because of its structural formation. All modern and stylish techniques are using to make them attractive. There are so many restaurants, hiking tracks, museums, and cultural events places in it.

Lake Tahoe

The snow-covered mountains are cover the city. A hypnotizing lake is a place that is full of peacefulness and attractive beauty. The view of the lake is so unblemished that provides a thoughtful impact.  In the summer season, this lake becomes a famous place for outdoor adventures like mountain cyclic, water sports, hiking, fishing, and sunbathing lakeside. The visitors impress with its elevated landscape and choose this place for hiking. The superb hiking track and campgrounds are present in the South Lake Tahoe area.

Yosemite National Park

It is the most outstanding creation of nature. The arches and sheer stone mountains covered this beautiful place. The domes of this valley are cut with the ice sheets millions of years ago. John said that it was the most amazing of all extraordinary temples of nature, and then he helped to build up this area as a secured national park. Every spot of this park is so marvelous because of its wide range of free-falling, half domes, waterfalls, translucent streams, and meadows. Almost 4 million tourists come annually to visit the Yosemite National.


It is a perfect town for picking fishes and seaport. It provided many seafood restaurants and inspirations vibrant stories. The Monterey’s waterfront attracts many visitors toward itself for giving relaxation.